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RE: Precision T7500 strange Pb7 message

I apologize for not making this clearer to begin with. I did attempt to but I've done so much

This issue arose when I was testing Linux and having a difficult time installing it. I did discover the problem with Linux was an unrelated SATA card. That was just testing as I wanted to move to Linux for certain things. I was running the same install of Windows 7 when the issue first happened but it doesn't matter since it acts the same under Windows 10. In short - it won't boot with any OS when both CPUs are installed but it will boot to whatever I want with one CPU.

I have now tried clearing the Bios, it had the same result...I get the Pb7 error when I attempt to boot with both CPUs but it boots and runs fine with a single CPU. This has happened with 2 different motherboards so I'm guessing that the issue has nothing to do with the motherboard or the Bios. That said I still have no clue what the issue might be.

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