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Precision 490 Memory RAM rank question: 2rx8, 4rx4 + mixing

Dear community,

I would like to max out the memory on my Dell precision by set of fours (8x4GB= 32gb or 4x4GB = 16GB and later upgrade to 32GB). The User manual says I have to match size, rank and organization of 2 or 4 modules. And of course FB-Dimm (currently 4x 1GB 2Rx8 are installed).

So far, no problem.

However, there are 4GB dual rank and quad rank modules around with different organizations, e.g.

- 2Rx8

- 4Rx4

- 2Rx4

I have read that the total number of ranks is limited by chipset/motherboard/CPU.

When I want to max out the memory per set of four (4x4GB =16GB and later another 4x4GB = 32GB), do I have to go with 2R modules? Or can I also use 4R modules? Or could I also mix them (e.g. 4x 4GB 4Rx4 and 4x 4GB 2Rx8)?

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