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Does Dell Technical Support Know Anything About Their Computers?

I recently bought a new gaming inspiron 5675 desktop gaming desktop.  A GAMING desktop.  I found that it shipped with only 1 stick of 8GB ram in single channel.  

Ok, so I call Dell support and say hey listen does this computer support dual channel?  I mean it's 2017 I would assume that it does right?   Technical support told me NO it does not support dual channel.  Sales told me YES it dose support dual channel.  They told me it used SO-DIMMS though so obviously they aren't very bright.  

So, what's the answer?  I would assume a Ryzen board would have to support this.  The run around and absolute lack of knowledge these support people have about PC's in ridiculous.  Until I got a manager the tech people didn't even know what dual channel was.  I had to provide them links from Dell's site. 

So, then I said well look why can't you guys send me 2x4gb and I'll send you the 1x8gb back, bam easy.  

Nope.  They refused and won't even give me my original discount on my purchase.  Why would a gaming PC not ship in performance configuration? 

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