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RE: Does Dell Technical Support Know Anything About Their Computers?

Thanks for those trying to help.   I went ahead and just bought another stick of ram off of Amazon that will be here tomorrow.  I'm just gonna stick it in and see if the motherboard switches to dual channel mode when it sees the second stick of ram.  

The chipset is sourced from AMD I assume so it should support it, but I've seen handicapped systems from Dell in the past.  

Most of the tech support people had no clue and thought "dual" just meant does the board take 2 sticks of ram.  This is what dual channel memory is: .

So, I'll test this myself and report back since Dell can't provide an answer.  

IMO Dell should ship "performance" or "gaming" oriented PC's in the configurations which yield the best performance.  It only behooves Dell to provide their end user with a better experience.  Why handicap a Ryzen chip by shipping a product in single channel mode with half the bandwidth?

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