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RE: Does Dell Technical Support Know Anything About Their Computers?

Well, I continued to receive terrible service from Dell.  I literally called 8 times to sales to try to get the proper stick of RAM.  Most representatives were trying to sell me SO-DIMMS for laptops.  One told me 200+ for one stick (she was clueless and looking at ECC ram), one guy told me $125 (laptop ram), couple hung up on me because I informed them how incompetent they were, and one told me they didn't make ram for my system yet (WHAT?).  I finally got a lady that actually knew how to turn a computer on and gave me a 7% discount even though Alexander Saravia promised me a 10% concession they would not honor it and Alexander refused to respond to further emails.

Anyway, the board DOES run in dual channel mode. The stick of RAM I got from crucial was not stable in the system at all  and routinely wouldn't boot, even though Crucial says it was the correct module.  Ryzen boards do have issues with a lot of RAM since they are so new at this point though.  

The Dell rep sold me a stick made my Visiontek and it's currently in the system and appears to be working fine.

As for dual channel performance.  It makes a very significant difference in performance if your application needs a lot of memory bandwidth.  Some games (not all), video editing, engineering and other professional applications see very significant boosts.  

Dell also sells these gaming pc's with AMD APU's.  With built-in graphics chips on the processor die, dual channel makes a HUGE difference in performance.

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