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RE: Does Dell Technical Support Know Anything About Their Computers?

I unfortunately didn't try the crucial stick on its own.  I should have.  It's been 2 days stable with the visiontek ram stick though and performance has been very good.

I don't know if it made a difference, but the crucial stick had ram chips on both sides of the stick (I think this is dual bank/double-sided) .  The visiontek and dell(samsung) stick are both single-sided.  All 3 had the same specifications performance wise though DDR 2400MHz CL17

Honestly 99% of the problem and aggravation has been the Dell tech support.

I do still have a minor problem, the front usb ports that are with the card reader have input lag when I plug in my wireless mouse and keyboard.   They are fine when I plug them into the ports on the back.   I think I'll go about figuring this problem out by myself without Dell lol.   Starting with just reinstalling the drivers.

The only positive thing I can say out of all this is if this PC does continue to operate good, I got a fantastic deal from Dell on the black Friday in July sale.  Ryzen 1700X and RX570 w/ 16GB Ram for $800.  You can't built it yourself for near that cost.  

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