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RE: XPS 8500 not working. I need to recover files from SSD

If the power LED comes on for a sec and then shuts off, you may actually have a power supply problem.

But before doing anything else, carefully examine all USB ports with a flashlight. If any of them is bent or broken that could cause the power to shut off almost immediately.

If one of the USB ports is bent and the contacts are touching each other, you could try using something NON-metal to see if you can gently separate the contacts. That port may never work again, but if you can separate the contacts, you may be able to get the system working. Obviously, be sure to unplug the PC from the wall and press/hold power button for ~30 sec before checking the ports. And don't dig around in any of the USB ports unless you're certain it's bent and shorting out.

If the USBs all look ok, then I suggest you investigate a power supply problem.


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