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RE: Just "installed" Radeon R7 250 graphics card on my Dell Optiplex 9020. Black screen when I plug the monitor into the card. Help!

I don't believe I have the 250 E.  Mine is the "saphire," and it looks like they call the 250E "ghost"--it looks different, it has a fan.  The number that seems to go with this item is 11215-06-20G, if that helps.  

OK, so if I understand you correctly, max tdp is how much heat the unit will produce when working at max capacity, and the question is whether my computer can dissipate that much heat.  If the answer turns out to be "my computer cannot dissipate that much heat," then I need to upgrade the power supply unit...but why that?  Excuse my ignorance, but wouldn't I just need a better fan or something?  Or is it my old power supply unit that is creating the heat that needs dissipating?  

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