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RE: Optiplex 990 supported memory speed

I think there is still a misunderstanding, or I dont know enough details about RAM to fully understand your reply.

I did not meant to ask if dell will validate speeds that did not exist at the time of manufacture.

my question is related to what RAM speeds (in MHz) they designed the motherboard to utilize.

yes, I know that is FSB, but that is the only spec that I understand enough to be able to look for possible RAM modules to use in it. (without getting into more detail about RAM, such as timing and such)

the motherboard I was using before using this dell says it supportsRAM modules up to 800MHz speed  (but in some cases will use special 1066MHz modules).

the CPU FSB supported on that baord is up to 1333MHz.

(this is why I was asking about speeds of the RAM)

now the dell has a I5-2400 CPU which says Memory Types are 1066/1333MHz.

if the optiplex 990 only supports Sandy Bridge CPUs then mas FSB is 1333MHz.

(correct me if I am wrong here)

ok, so here are more questions:

if that is the case then the RAM that is used in this dell machine must meet the timings for the 1333MHz timings, no?

now, if that is all true and based on what you mentioned in previous post then I could potentially use any RAM speeds as long as it meets the timing of  7 7 7  or  8 8 8  ?

then that means max RAM speed (according to that table you gave) is DDR3 1600 that meet the 777 or 888 timing.

am I correct on any of the conclusions above?

thank you for your time!

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