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RE: XPS 8910 1394 FireWire card issues(windows 10 Pro)

I was hoping Dell could see this or & assist me?

 Hi, I am another new XPS 8910 owner(my 2005 XPS 410 still running also). I dod a little video editing etc, that is why I bought this machine, but it does not come with 1394 firewire car. I purchased a SIIG 3 port(1-400,2-800) PCIe card,installed & been trying to resolve a problem for over a week, been pulling my hair out. Here it goes, there are NO exclamation marks on 1394 card, none ever. When I first start the computer,& its up running, I can turn my Sony Hi 8 TRV510 camcorder on, then plug in firewire cable & it makes its sound acknowledging its plugged in, I can verify its plugged in my Pinnacle program under capture, but after approx. 20 minutes its as if card goes to sleep, It IS NOT recognized when plugging in or unplugging firewire cable. I would have to reboot computer then the same things repeat itself. Just to clarify, I have tried the 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy) , even a Dell one that caused screen saver & display issues(freezing up the computer sending it into restart)... I/We have tries EVERYTHING. Any HELP is GREATLY appreciated, as I've lost much sleep this last week, & want to get this resolved...

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