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RE: USB 3 PCIe cards on Dell Inspiron 3668

Do the cards you're considering have a recommendation for the minimum PSU wattage?

You already have 2 USB3 ports on this PC. So if you need to connect 4 external USB3 drives, maybe you only need a 2-port USB3 PCIe x1 card...? That might draw less power.

And you might be able to use a SATA Y-splitter cable by connecting one arm to an internal drive and the other arm to the PCIe card.

OR, what about an external USB3 hub with it's own power brick? Connect the hub to one of the available USB3 ports and plug its power brick into the wall. Then connect 1 of your external USB3 drives to the remaining onboard USB3 port, and the other 3 drives to the powered USB3 hub. Or maybe connect all 4 to the powered hub...


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