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XPS 8700: Upgraded Graphics Card, Now 2 Beeps

Hello All,

I recently upgraded my graphics card from the GTX 745 to a GTX 1060.  I did my research and have found many others who have made this upgrade successfully.  But now that it's in, the computer tries to start up and beeps twice, which is a dell code for a RAM issue.  I have four sticks of RAM, 32g total.

Things I have tried and still got the same 2-beep result:

-Re-seating all of the RAM

-Removed all of the RAM and the graphics card

-Putting only one stick of RAM in the first slot

-Pulling out the small silver watch battery on the mother board and placing in back in after a few minutes

-Things I have not done:

-Update BIOS

-Re-insert old card

Any ideas or suggestions?  I'm avoiding the conclusion of a mother board failure just yet.  I was in a low static area with a grounding bracelet.  

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