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RE: My Dell Optiplex 9020 and the mistakenly ordered GTX 1050ti not-wimpy factor version -- Return it, find a solution, or try a magic third option?

Thank you all for your answers, I rather thought I'd have to remove my power supply and buy the moddiy, but wanted to avoid that.

My goal here was to create as little waste as possible for what I needed. I returned the Geforce, I am currently operating on the Firepro (not exactly a super gamer card, but better than the Optiplex OEM by far). I am going to try to figure out if I can hack a way to get both Firepros working in a Crossfire kind of setup in Linux. Barring this, I'll be happy with the free card for a while and I'll buy the best small form factor game card when the time comes, whether it be a 1050ti, MSI Pascal, or some other contender.  I'm a big "get the most out of each component" kind of user.

I appreciate you help here!

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