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RE: T1600 BIOS -- stuck on the left hand side

CMOS reset didn't help but plugging in a mouse does the trick. Mouse in a BIOS? I am getting way, way too old -- I remember buying my first Genius serial mouse for a PC and also when the first optical mouse appeared for the PC using the old glass grid mousepads much like the Sun mice we used at the univ. When did the BIOS learn this trick? Anyways, the T1600 BIOS is not 100% compatible with the ThinkPad USB keyboard and plugging in a normal mouse allowed to change settings. When entering time I noted that while 1-9 worked 0 entered a / and the TrackPoint simply doesn't work. It is not impossible other keys didn't work either hence the stuck. Very odd. It should just work, it's a normal HID device. Thanks for pointing Smiley Wink this trick out.

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