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Dell optiplex 380 with newly installed Nvidia nvs quadro 420 graphics card - no display

Hi there,

I have recently got a Nvidia NVS Quadro 420 graphics card and have tried to connect up to 4 screens, Unfortunately this hasn’t worked and I was hoping you can help.

The equipment I have is;

Dell Optiplex 380 desktop computer, running windows 10 32-bit.

Cables being used are;

VHDCI to DVI-D splitter to 4 screens,

DVI-D to VGA straight connection to connect 4 VGA displays

So this setup goes as follows;

VHDCI >  VHDCI to DVI-D Splitter > DVI-D to VGA straight connection > VGA cable to each screen

With the above setup, Looking at the graphics card theres power going to it as fan is spinning but the screens remain unresponsive.

I have also looked in the BIOS to check if there anything there stopping it from working, everything looks ok to me.

Is there anything else I can try?


Simon Wylie

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