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RE: Video card upgrade for XPS 8700 i3

I actually just noticed my mistake.

The CPU is not a 8500 but a 8700!

Sorry about this.

The 8700 requires BIOS A10 for GTX 9x0 or 10x0 cards to work, and A11 if you are on Windoze 10.

The BIOS update must be done before you install the new card,  otherwise,  the same suggestions for the xps 8500 still apply.

The GTX 1060 is perhaps the best bang for buck upgrade because you don't need a power supply upgrade.

Note that some graphics cards have a single 6 pin PCIe connector, and some have a single 8 pin. The Dell PSU has two six pin, so if the card has an 8 pin, you need a power cable adapter that takes two 6 pin PCIe connectors and combines it to one 8 pin. Some of the cards include this adapter, some do not. If it is not included you can find them on eBay or new egg or maybe amazon for under $10 shipped.

If you want to see lots of examples of what others are doing, you can checkout this thread. I would start at the end and work back because much of this is 970 and 980 cards before the 1060/1070/1080 cards were released.


good luck !