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Issues with SX2210b Monitor

I have a DELL SX2210B monitor with a manufacture date of April 2009.   Obviously, it has some age on it but it has worked superbly.  In 2015 the monitor suddenly started to flicker over the course of a day or two and then the brightness dulled and dimmed leaving an overall grayish color to everything on the screen.  It will eventually dim out to where you can barely see anything on the screen.  I can turn off the monitor and it will start to work again if you adjust the brightness up to the max level.  Eventually, though, it starts to flicker again and dims. 

I replaced it with a lesser monitor back then.  Now the newer monitor is having issues and it caused me to try the old DELL SX2210B one more time before hauling it off.  I just plugged it up and it works really vividly for a while like there is nothing wrong with it.  Over the course of a few minutes, it clearly starts to flicker and dim again.  I've used it for an hour now and it is still on.  However, i don't expect this to last much longer.

So, anyone recognize an obvious problem with my monitor that can be fixed?  Can these monitors be refurbished?  Is it worth the cost?  This was an absolute terrific monitor before the problems started.  I'd like to salvage it if at all possible.  Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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