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Primary Display setting on Dell Precision Workstation T3620 not working


The BIOS/UEFI  settings for Video - Primary Display - are not working.

My machine, shipped by Dell (not from a reseller) few days ago is equipped with the following components:
CPU: Xeon E3-1245v6 with Intel HD 630 graphics
GPU: Nvidia Quadro P2000

The BIOS/UEFI firmware allows setting the Primary Display, in case more than one GPU is available. Within the "Video" section, "Primary Display" subsection the following options are available:
- Auto
- Intel HD Graphics
- NVIDIA HD Graphics

Setting the primary graphics to Intel does not have any effect. Nvidia is still being used for graphics output during the boot process.

Am I correct when assuming a BIOS/UEFI fault here?


Edit: To clarify - Intel HD works properly once the Nvidia card is being removed from the system. I've been also replacing the Nvidia card with a much older (PCIe 2.0) AMD Radeon card. Same result here - only the AMD card is being used, in spite of Intel HD being selected as the primary display.

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