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RE: Inspiron 560 boots to power save mode

According to the manual:

If the power light is solid white and the computer is not responding — The display may not be connected or powered on. Ensure that the display is properly connected and then turn it off, then back on.

So the fault is either with the monitor/cable or the motherboard if there's no PCI-e video card installed.

And you're sure there's no PCI-e video card? But I guess you'd have seen it when you changed the battery. Did you press/hold the power button for ~30 sec after removing the old battery and installing the new one?

Just for clarity, onboard video ports are in the region marked by the red X, below, and an add-in video card would be in the region inside the red box. If an add-in video card is installed, the onboard video ports would be disabled.


Got a geeky friend who can loan you an PCI-e x16 video card to test? And if an add-in video card doesn't work... [:'(]



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