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Precision 3620 BIOS update issue.

Hello Everyone,

I updated my P3620 bios yesterday to v2.3.0 and since my SATA PowerVault RD1000 has quit working.  I can see it in the bios as a "Dell" drive, but Windows 10 can't detect it.  It may be being caused by the bios drive controller being set to "RAID ON" instead of AHCI.  I can't remember if it originally was set to AHCI, or not.  If I try to change to AHCI, windows won't load and tries to go into repair mode.  Switching back to RAID ON, and system boots fine, but no RD1000.

Just to rule out a freak hardware issue, I have swapped out the SATA cable and RD1000 with spares, but no joy.  External USB RD1000 works fine.

So, any ideas?  Is there a way to roll the BIOS back?  Should I switch to a gluten-free diet?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,


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