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RE: inspiron i3847 desktop starts but won't boot into windows

Hello, Sreejith, Thank you for reply and questions.

No new software but possibly an update to Windows 7 (my OS of choice) after I shut down the night previous.

The power button light is white and stays on. The other light showing hard drive is white, too, but it only stays lit for about 15-20 seconds.

re: checking the bios, I'll let my husband do that when he gets home later.

I did as you instructed about the power cord. I pulled it and then held the power button for 30 seconds and reinsterted the plug. I was so hoping this would work,, but after reinserting the plug and pushing on the start button, I again get a white light showing power and the hard drive light being lit for itw 15-20 seconds and then going out. And of course, no Windows or activity on the monitor, which we have checked and it is working.

Thank you for your help and I'll check about the hard drive recognition in the bios. If it doesn't show recognition, I'm fresh out of luck, i.e. replace hard drive, yes?  

What if the hard drive is recognized, however?  

I have a 4 year purchase protection on the Dell, but it's only just over a year old. And this is the second machine (same Dell i3847 I've had fail. I thought this was a good machine. It cost me $900 in May 2016.

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