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RE: inspiron i3847 desktop starts but won't boot into windows

I would suspect a video problem if the power button is steady white, the hard drive activity light comes on briefly (It's on only when the HDD is being accessed.) and the monitor is known to be working on a different PC.

BTW: when you tested the monitor, was it tested with the same video port on the monitor and cable that you use with the 3847 or with a different port and cable?

Assuming you have an add-in video card, physically remove the card and move the monitor cable to one of the onboard video ports (HDMI or VGA).  You have to remove the card first because the onboard ports are probably disabled while the add-in card is installed. That should tell you if it's a video card failure or some other issue...

And since you're under warranty, you probably want to contact Dell Tech Support directly.


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