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RE: Media card reader won't read miniMMC card

Keep in mind that Dell doesn't support anything beyond Win 7 on this model. So there's no Win 10 driver  for that card reader for the Studio XPS 8100.

There are al least 2 possibilities: Either the card reader failed and/or a recent Win 10 update changed something that affects the card reader.

Have you tried a different MMC, even if this card works ok in another reader,  just to rule out the MMC card?

Did you uninstall the card reader in Device Manager and reinstall the driver? Or did you just reinstall the driver "on top" of the existing driver?  You might want to uninstall it and reinstall, if that's not what you did. Manually set a system restore point before uninstalling the card reader in Device Manager!

And when you install the driver, do it in Win 7 compatibility mode, which might help.

And then there's the reader itself...


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