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RE: Running out of space on 32 GB SSD Inspiron 3050

Glad you found a bigger SSD.  Sounds like 64 GB will work fine for your purposes.

Yes, chipsets make a difference, and times change too. In "olden days", you couldn't use a large HDD because the hardware and Windows couldn't manage that much storage space. You had to partition the drive into smaller logical drives with different drive letters in order to use all the HDD space.  

8 GB RAM modules may not have been available when her system was first manufactured, so 4x 4 GB was probably the max Dell tested and certified 16 GB as max RAM.

Now that 8 GB modules are available at reasonable prices, 32 GB might be possible, but Dell hasn't tested that much RAM in her system. So if it doesn't work correctly / reliably, Dell isn't responsible...


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