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RE: Precision t7400 in a t7500 case

Hi Ron,

Thanks for your reply.  Yes, I have searched via google and found a thread here (September of 2015) where the person wanted to place a T7500 mobo in a T7400 and was dissuaded because of fans and other things.

My experience with the Matrix Smith mini towers suggests that the bare metal foundation is identical, that the wires, cables, plastic and so on are the only difference, allowing you to take a metal case for an Optiplex gx620 and transplant an Optiplex 780 into tit.

I'm having a deuce of a time finding a T7400 case -- probably too old.  T7500 cases are available, hence the question.  The Precision 690, T7400 and T7500 are exactly the same size, presumably the same case.  If I could take the sides off and transplant them, that would work.


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