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RE: Dell T3500 Upgrading FAQ

Thank you for this!  I recently grabbed a T3500 for $72 shipped.  I sold the 2 4gb sticks, W3520 and Quadro graphics card that was in it and picked up a W3565 for $10 and 6 1GB sticks for $15.  I am awaiting an HD 7870 I paid $31 for that has glitched graphics when hot.  I hope to revive it as my goal was to see what kind of gaming machine could be put together for around $100.  While waiting for the HD 7870 I put in an RX 460 I have since the performance should be similar.  I can't believe how well it runs things and scored higher in Firestrike than I would have guessed.  

P.S. Your RAM error message was due to non-matching sizes in each slot.  The T3500 only likes the same size sticks set up in 3's or 6's because of the tri-channel memory setup.

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