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RE: Old Dell Inspiron 5100 - need to keep running for machine controller that cannot use newer than Windows XP

Start simple...

Reboot and press F2 to open BIOS setup. Look for the Floppy Disk (aka, Diskette Drive, or Drive A) controller option and DISABLE it.  Then make sure the boot hard drive is first in the boot sequence.

Save the changes before exiting BIOS. That should stop the diskette drive failure message when you boot.

Also sounds like you didn't install the hardware drivers for Win XP, which are here: www.dell.com/.../drivers

The Dell System Software (Utilities) has to be the first driver installed and following by the chipset driver. Without the chipset driver other drivers may not install or may not work. So in installation order:

1.  System Software

2. Chipset

3. Video driver (which one depends on which video card you have)

4. Network driver

5. Audio driver

6. Other needed drivers (eg modem, card reader, etc.)

EDIT: You said "Inspiron 5100" but I don't see that model number on Dell's Support site.  The link I gave you is for the "Dimension 5100". If you don't have a Dimension 5100, don't install those drivers and post the correct PC model.


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