RE: Old Dell Inspiron 5100 - need to keep running for machine controller that cannot use newer than Windows XP


Not sure how I missed the floppy setting...easy fix. The hard drive is recognized now. I think the problem I had was thinking the optical drive was apparently isn't.

0) Something isn't right with the fresh XP install (yes, I did not install Dell drivers yet as I didn't have wifi access yet). I installed a USB wireless 'device (not a card...) and worked on the machine controller issues today. I say something isn't right because I experienced three .exe programs I had to for a remote support connection, a second I can't recall at the moment, and lastly the driver diagnostics tool from Dell. None of them responded. Weird.

1) Since the Dell driver diagnostic tool wouldn't run, I just looked at downloadable drives. I skipped audio & music-related as they are not needed on the target PC. BIOS A03 installing over A03 made no sense, so I skipped that. I selected the chipset driver and it was installing something with USB (xxxUSByyy.___?) and the process froze. No mouse , no keyboard, and no USB wifi 'stick' operation. Two power-cycles later, still no USB.

2) What to do at this point...not sure...reinstall USB defaults from the OEM Windows XP SP2 disk? I/m not sure if I can do that directly...Repair installation?  considering what I might have to reinstall...

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