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RE: Will an EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti SC Gaming work with my Insipron 3668?

Depends.  Short Cards will go in but they may need an ugly external power supply.  The 240W power supply in the 3650 seems ok but the 200W power supply in the 3668 doesn't seem sufficient.




It is possible to hack a 3650 working by removing the power supply entirely and using adapter and placing power supply OUTSIDE the case.  There is no hack for 3668 6 PIN 200W power supply.

EVGA 700B1   Any power supply REQUIRES the MODDIY adapter. The EPS12v CPU connection is still 4 pin but the 24 pin needs to be converted to 8 pin.




Dual slot SHORT cards(GTX960/970) See Recommended card below are fine. 12 inch long cards do not fit.  EVGA 500W unit is recommended for a 960.  EVGA NEX 700B1 is recommended for a GTX970.

A MODDIY adapter is needed to convert 24 pin to 8 pin.  The 3668 has 6 pin so there may not be an option to fix this.  I would get a 3650 rather than 3668 because of this alone.




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