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Pink/Purple Screen

This morning my Dell AIO 27 inch screen went pink/purple and then I smelled something burning. What does this mean? I closed all the apps and turned off the computer. Thanks all. D

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RE: Pink/Purple Screen

Exactly which model AIO is this?

Unplug it.

If you're still under warranty, contact Dell Tech Support ASAP.

If no longer under warranty, you may have to take it to a reputable PC shop to examine the system and find/replace the part(s) that failed.  Working inside an AIO can be challenging, so unless you're experienced at this, you probably shouldn't attempt it your own.

Depending on the model and the exact problem, it might not be cost-effective to repair it...


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RE: Pink/Purple Screen

Pink/Purple=GPU fan failure followed by GPU burning up.

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RE: Pink/Purple Screen

or check your monitor cables and re-seat or tighten them...

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