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RE: XPS 8910, sound card, installation

Thanks very much for your response, but still no luck.  The installed graphics card covers one of the PCIe x1 slots, but I did try using both the open x1 and x4 slots.

I use Device Manager to uninstall the Realtek sound card, but I found that the operating system eventually reinstalls it (no speakers attached to the Realtek output jack).

I've tried removing the Soundblaster completely, hardware and software, and carefully reinstalling, but I get the same results.  The audio is scratchy, as if the volume were too loud, but also the sound glides back and forth between channels and also sometimes slows down and speeds up.

This is the first computer I've had where I can't turn off integrated audio using BIOS.  The Sound Blaster card only cost $40 so I could just throw it away and give up, but I need an input jack that the onboard Realtek doesn't offer.

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