Win 10 Creators Update on Inspiron 580 MT. Anyone tried this yet?

Hi there,

As yet, the Creators Update did not get pushed to our 580 MT via Windows update. As the 580 MT is not certified by Dell to run Win 10, & also as we have the upgraded RAM, Graphics Card & the Hard Drive from "stock" to keep it more current, I am wondering if this machine will ever get this update automatically.

I know it is possible to update to Creators Update Manually, but of course that contains risks, so I thought I would first of all check if any 580 MT owners had received the automatic update, what their experience was, & also if anyone had done the Manual Update.

Here are the specs of our machine

CPU is an Intel Core i3 Processor 530(2,93GHz,4MB)

8 GB of RAM onboard

Nvidia GT220 Graphics Card

Seagate SSHD 1GB

Looking forward to any replies 

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