RE: Win 10 Creators Update on Inspiron 580 MT. Anyone tried this yet?

Being that SpeedStep has done this and has 1703 installed (the Creators Update), I would think you should be set, if not.. you can also rollback to the previous version (I believe it is within 10 days, if I recall correctly, and this is as long as some catastrophic doesn’t happen). Being that this wasn't supported by Dell, doesn't mean it won't work (as stated already), but it wasn’t tested and for support (if the system were in normal warranty status etc.), the software will not be supported, and you would need to return to the previous OS for troubleshooting (in some cases).

Another thing to add, is with any major update, you will always want to have any important docs/pictures etc backed up. The other nice thing is doing a reinstall of 10 is not as bad as some older versions used to be, and since yours is activated (since you have been updating etc), you will not need to use a key (not sure if you knew, but just in case).

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