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RE: XPS 8500 will not start, orange light on motherboard, will not boot, BIOS inaccessible, black screen

Paperclip test is not necessary if power comes on.  This doesnt rule out bad power supply.

Remove the video card and turn on.  It should beep.

You should find a known working video card and set legacy CSM on with Secure Boot OFF.


DescriptionFailure Coverage
1 BIOS ROM failure. System board failure
2 No RAM Detected Memory - No memory detected
3 Chipset Error System board failure 
Time-Of-Day Clock test failure.
Gate A20 failure
Super I/O chip failure
Keyboard controller test failure.
4 RAM Read/Write failure Memory failure
5 RTC Power Fail CMOS battery failure
6 Video BIOS Test Failure Video card failure
7 CPU Failure CPU failure

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