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RE: New Dell Bios rendered XPS desktop unusable

Version of Windows?

If it says "Starting Windows", then it completed the POST so that probably means BIOS is ok. If you reboot and *immediately* press F2, can you open BIOS setup? Is Secure Boot enabled or disabled in BIOS setup?

Have you tried disconnecting all devices, except mouse, monitor and keyboard?

Reboot and *immediately* press F12.. Look for the option to run the diagnostics and run them, including extended hard drive tests. Copy error message(s), if any.

What happens if you boot from a bootable USB or CD/DVD? Connect the USB or insert CD/DVD in the drive and then power PC on. *Immediately* press F12 and look for the option to boot from USB or CD/DVD, whichever you're using.  If it boots from USB or CD/DVD, then the problem is with Windows and you may need to run a repair.

You can download the files and tools to create a bootable USB to repair Windows for free from the Microsoft site.


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