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RE: New Dell Bios rendered XPS desktop unusable

Stuck at the "Starting Windows" screen. This usually occurs when hardware is faulty... Since you tried a Reinstallation. Are you currently stuck on the first Starting Windows Screen (when you boot from the installation media and then select your language options etc) or the one after it restarts?

NOT stuck on the first starting windows screen , i get through the "choose your language screen" and get to the "Upgrade or Custom" screen and it goes on to the next with the "Checkmarks" and then restarts itself .

It restarts itself (After the prompt to hit a key to boot from the USB drive" again which i leave alone of course since it's in the process of installing .

It very quickly moves past the "Updating Registry Settings" and when the screen pop's up again showing more "Checkmarks" it freezes at the point it says "Completing Installation" and won't budge any further than that .

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