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Dell 760 Ram Upgrade

Hello everyone! So about a week ago i bought a used Optiflex 760 Desktop, everything was fine until i recognized that the computer is running a bit slow.Then i checked and i saw that there's actually only 1Gb of ram installed on it, which 800MB is taken by the Windows and the rest of it is free but it still dosent work that good.So the only option it was left was upgrading the ram (getting an additional stick of ram).And i got concerned at one point because when i red the manual it says that i shouldn't remove the factory ram that is installed, and that if i install ram that has different MHZ or its bigger , that my computer will run but with a slight reduction of performance.The ram that im planning on installing is a Samsung 800hz, and the factory ram is 666Mhz (i think).Soo basically whats the '''Slight Reduction in performance gonna be''? Is it gonna lag or something or do something to the proccessor or?

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