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RE: OptiPlex 3040 Dual Monitor display issues

We never had the issue (at all) until we got the 5040's SFF (3040 in same family?) .  Odd blanking, random. Tried replacing monitrs, cables, different cable configs, and reimaging the PC--nothing fixed it...until...

Till one day I turned on a police walky-talkie near the pc and Zoink, the monitors went blank and came back up. hmmmm.  Tried it again--same result. tried it a third time, same result.  Moved the radio across the room (10+feet)--no issues.

--had another user with a cell phone-  left it on desk near the PC--they got the monitor blanking issue.  so I tried it on MY 5040 by leaving phone near PC--same thing.  When a phone call was coming in (or a text) the monitors would blank out.  This was also repeatable.

Now, from my previous thread below, I was told this is MY fault and basically to *** it.

Funny thing is that this NEVER happened on our previous dell computers.  Just the 5040 (in our case)

I would guess that you are having the same issue.  I would try having your users keep their cells away from the PC's---like 6 ft if possible.

I know its an inconvenience, but according to Dell and their "help" they have here, its" too bad for you".

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