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RE: Inspiron 3668, upgrade PSU (for Graphics card)?

Thanks for the input, Dan.  True, the CPU is fine and the board's specs are OK.  But the weird, 8-pin  motherboard connection makes me a little uncomfortable -- there are adapters, but some are clearly intended to make the 24-pin connector into a PCI-e cable, and I'd rather have a board with the normal pins and a bit more space..  I'm willing to go for a new mobo, as well as a bigger case -- won't have to cost much as you said -- even if I end up having to get a Windows 10 license.  It actually was our plan to do a custom build pretty soon as a father-son project, until the old PC's breakdown on the Christmas trip forced our hand, and the Dell was on sale for $369, will work out.  :^)  Thanks again.

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