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RE: Dell XPS 8500 - Question RE: Upgrade of Graphics Card

I put an EVGA Gold G3 550W in a family members 8500 a few weeks ago and it worked great. note there are several models of EVGA power supplies, but the G3 and G2 are the better product line.

I have Seasonic X-650 in three 8700s and they work great for higher power gaming cards. One has a GTX 970, one a GTX 770 and the other has a GTX 1070. Seasonic seems to be phasing out the X-650 and has a "focus line" that looks pretty solid.  

Since the XPS case design isn't that great for air flow, I like a higher end power supply that is rated at 50C. The PSU at the top of the case and the inlet for the PSU is right by the CPU cooler.

I don't have a good suggestion today. I tend to watch the sales and pick one up when the price is around $60 or less, often with a rebate. 


This thread is a little old, but there are lots of pics of different PSUs and graphics cards that people put into 8700s. Nearly identical to the 8500.


Back to your setup... why do you want to upgrade? if it is for gaming? If not why do you want to upgrade?

What monitor do you have? exact model helps.

What inputs does the monitor have? What resolution is it?

What is your budget?

I know, lots of questions.

If you are gaming, and have a 1920x1080 monitor, then a GTX 1060 is probably the best bet right now. You could get by with your current PSU and watch for a sale.

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