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RE: Dell XPS 8500 - Question RE: Upgrade of Graphics Card

I will definitely look into the EVGA power supply. My only concern is that 550 W may be low for the top of the line graphics cards like the GTX 1060, I have heard to try and overshoot the recommended power watts (i.e. 500 for the GTX 1070) to make the computer last longer (not sure how much truth to this).

Honestly, I'm just upgrading my computer because I saw that it couldn't run new games like battlefield one or battlefront 2 (which I won't be buying anymore Smiley Happy ) because of the graphics card constraint.

Also, my budget isn't too much of a constraint. The real reason I looked at the older graphics card models was more because I work 60 hours a week and just don't play too much games or care what they look like too much. I was really looking just to make sure my PC wasn't too outdated. However, your suggestions are much appreciated and while budget isn't really tight my priority towards gaming isn't too high so advice on whether the latest graphics card is worth it would also be appreciated.

As for monitor, I believe I have a Dell 24 Gaming 23.6" LED Monitor, Dual HDMI SE2417HG (sorry copypasta from website).

Thanks again so much for your time!!!

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