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RE: Dell XPS 8500 - Question RE: Upgrade of Graphics Card

Yeah I might just upgrade to a GTX 1050ti if anything, as you said my PC works well but I would like the ability to play a game like Battlefield 1 or Battlefront 2. As long as there are no power issues, as I am over the recommended wattage hopefully it should be okay. 

I only play games occasionally,  like once every few weeks, and have an Xbox but its just feels nice to be able to play on PC as thats my preference so I figured it might be worth the time/money investment.

I actually just upgraded my SSD to a 500 GB Samsung Evo 850 about 2 weeks ago after having hard drive issues with the old 2 TB Seagate. Definitely the best upgrade in a computer I've ever have the SSD is night and day compared to the HDD.

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