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Aurora R7 Core i7-8700 running very hot.. Thermal Throttling??


I got a new Aurora R7 yesterday, with Intel core i7-8700 CPU. Right off the bat, when I was installing browser, and doing other small stuff, I could see that the fans would spin at high RPM and create a lot of noise. 

I opened Command center and saw that at small loads 15-25% of CPU, the package temperature was high, from 68C going to 84C and fans would spin high and it would again come down to 60s.

I decided to do stress test using Dell Support assist and temperatures reached 98-99C within 3 minutes and fans were blowing so hard it felt like an airplane was about to takeoff.

I decided to dig further and downloaded Intel Extreme Tuning utility. When I run stress test, I can see that MAX Core Frequency drops to 4.28 GHZ and temperatures rise to more than 90C. It does not reach the processor max speed of 4.60 GHZ at all during stress test.

I feel there is an issue in how the CPU and Heat sink are connected and something is wrong.

What do you guys think? 

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