RE: dell inspiron 3650 recovery media disk 3

Ron; I actually HAVE a Windows 10 DVD that came with the computer.  When I just tried to boot with it, and do a FULL restore, It complained that C:was "locked".  I was at least able to see content on C: & 😧 running command prompt, which I was not even do-able from the two "Factory Recovery Media" disks I have.

I presume because the Dell Restore Factory media disks I ran yesterday "own" C: .  Unless I have all THREE disks, I'm stuck.  Is there a reputable place that I can trust to get the set of THREE disks ?

Looking back, I backed up my files via Windows (readable), then decided I'd use Dell's BackUp & Restore utility, which created 20 or 30 sequentially numbered files, all compressed via Dell's utility.  Foolishly, I believed my Two disks were all I needed to get back to square one, (sigh).

Any leads on where to get the complete THREE disk set would be appreciated.  I believe the download to flash-drive I saw on Dell's site was only for the "Backup & Recovery" utility, (not the complete "Factory Media" image).


Neil M.

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