RE: dell inspiron 3650 recovery media disk 3


I created an Inspiron 3650 recovery flash drive.  Windows 10 installed, no problem.  It's still going through a year and a half of updates.  After getting .net 3.5 installed, the Driver Updater seems to work.

Dell Digital Delivery Application installed successfully, but seems to do nothing.

How do I go about getting the “BackUP & Recovery” tool that came installed originally, Apparently, that’d be from:

>> Dell Digital Locker .  

•  Dell Digital Locker Download purchased software and manage licensed software products.

Yet, this seems empty . . .  I recall doing the free upgrade from Windows 8.1 to window 10, sold with the PC.  Has Dell not released the Windows 10 version of the Backup and Recovery Utility ?

I used the Dell BackUp & Recovery to save-off everything I cared about to an external HD, expecting to be able to use the same BackUp & Recovery tool, to recover it.

Thanks, NM

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