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Re: My eternal dim 8400 fan debacle noise oh noise

@RoHe wrote:
What I don't understand is if this is BIOS problem in 8400 series, as somebody suggested, why doesn't it happen to all 8400s? Mine (BIOS A03) is fairly quiet except when the video card fan revs up.

Has anybody with noisy fan run Dell diagnostics on memory. I vaguely remember someone posting that noisy fan problem turned out to be bad memory module and replacement cured the noise.


When I had my original 8400 that had the "hyperspeed" fan, Dell Support made me run the full diganostics and there were no error flags for anything. As I stated when this first occurred back in December and others have detailed, the only time the fan would slow down would be during the specific fan diagnostic and once that was finished, it would go back into warp speed.

The thing that surprises me is that Dell has made so many other people replace parts as opposed to my case where they didn't even bother and ordered a simple full system swap. Thankfully, my replacement has been very quiet (knock on wood).
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