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Re: My eternal dim 8400 fan debacle noise oh noise

hi nicos

im getting a reading of 68.0 degrees celcius. but since this never seems to change i doubt that it is a valid reading from the thermal sensor. i have been trying for some time now to find a program that can read the thermal sensor on the 8400 motherboard but they all fail.

also i have had my fan changed 3 times and this has done nothing. having my motherboard changed did reduce the noise from my fan but has not in anyway solved it. i live in ireland so this i a global problem it would appear.we also have to rely on the indian tech support Smiley Happy.

what i would advise is to use a better thermal interface material than what dell uses, there thermal paste comes pre applied to the underneath of the heatsink ( all technicans i have had did not clean off the old paste before adding new heatsink ------this can cause more thermal resistance between the cpu and heatsink causing the cpu core to heat up more because there is too much paste there--so make them do it) .try something like artic silver 5 thermal paste and use isopropyll alcohol to clean off the old paste beforehand.

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