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GoBack Internal Error - Failure Code gb_ui_support(1199) - I cannot boot from C Drive or from CD Rom

Can someone please help me?
What can I do to get my PC working again?
I get the above error message and cannot go any further than this.
I have spent hours and hours trying to sort it out, and am now using my laptop to get online.
I have a Dimension 4700 which is less than two and a half months old.
This is the second time I have been locked out and the last time, when the computer was a month old, I had to resort to factory settings, losing all my data etc in the process. I am really loathe to do this again.
I have contacted Dell Support, but would like to resolve this today if possible, while I have some time spare.
I have searched for the problem through the Norton Web Site, and they say it is nothing to do with Norton, but a hardware problem/failure - contact your supplier.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Regards Cats R Us 
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