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Re: Cannot boot from C Drive or from CD Rom

Hi Osprey,
Thanks - I am quite happy to not use Norton Go Back, as advice today has shown there are other alternatives, but unfortunately, I cannot even get into my PC, cannot do a system restore, cannot actually do anything?
I am at a loss as to what to do next?
I am guessing to perform the operation in the link you sent me, which I have saved to my favourites, that I have to get into my computer or a boot disk first.
If you check my new post, this is proving absolutely impossible and I am getting no help as yet from Dell.
I cannot even do a system restore, so guess there is something much more serious than I first suspected.
Would appreciate any other techi advice. I am pretty PC iliterate, but am learning new stuff all the time, which puts me ahead of a very small few!! But not as far as I would like to be................
Thanks again,
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