Re: Dell Optiplex GX270 - Bad Capacitors / Bulging Capacitors - Is there a recall coming?

dell-jesse, what information is this based off of?    
I just spoke with some others in other offices.....  i now know that Dell only issues proactive field replacements if 10% of systems have already gone bad... when this issue was last examined, we found that the number was around 3% of systems... now that we've asked everyone for their numbers, the number is probably going to be much higher (certain offices were overlooked because they aren't tracked in the same manner that the 3% number came from)... we're putting together our lists now (checking them twice)... pretty sure we'll be way above 10%....  a few questions... is the 10% number needed based off of all gx270 model systems, all 270 systems in a particular location, or all 270 systems off of the same order?  Some things on the net have turned up the fact that this seems to happe on "early ordered" 270 systems...  The pattern of how this has happened on our systems might also indicate this.  If this is the case, we may never hit the 10% mark because the latter half of our systems are OK because they were ordered later (even though we could actually be having a 60% failure rate in some offices).. 
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